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Over the years, Archer Copywriting has worked on many projects for fire businesses and nonprofits ranging from studies to be presented before Congressional hearings to complete websites created for their business or nonprofit. In that time, a few customers have expressed their thanks for the work done. This is a sampling of some of those testimonials.

Wildfire Research Network

"Thank you for helping us craft another important white paper, 'Funding For Aerial Operations', which was presented at the International Aerial Firefighting Conference in Anaheim, California, in 2009. The study, which highlighted how fire agencies could better go about obtaining adequate budgets for their pressing needs, was commended in a report by the conference chairman, Rear Admiral Terry Loughran"

– Bob Cavage, President, Wildfire Research Network

Aerial Fire Response & Research Network

"Thanks for your help creating the Aerial Fire Response & Research Network website in record time!"

- Edward C. Story, CEO, Aerial Fire Response & Research Network

San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum

"San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum was created by fire professionals, researchers, and private citizens to address wildfire issues in San Diego County following the devastating fires of 2007. We appreciate the help you provided by creating a website in which we could air our concerns and outline what we felt needed to be done to better protect the county from future wildfires."

- Jeff Bowman, Chairman, San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum
Fire Chief, San Diego Fire Department (Retired)

10 Tanker Air Carrier

"10 Tanker Air Carrier was established in 2002 to develop modern jet aircraft for aerial fire-fighting. While experienced in commercial aircraft modifications and airline operations and maintenance, the company was then new to fire suppression. In a matter of months, 10 Tanker's research showed that while an abundance of writers addressed wildfires when they raged out of control, very few had an in-depth understanding of the industry. One who stands out as a dedicated, knowledgeable exception to the field is Mike Archer. Mike's written communications are consistently timely and accurate. As such he has developed a respected position among professionals throughout the industry, and would be able to assist others in navigating the complexities of this unique industry"

– Rick Hatton, President & CEO, 10 Tanker Air Carrier

Society of American Foresters

"Mike Archer brings talent and dependability to every job he takes on. He’s a very quick learner and has a diverse skillset that includes writing/editing, news judgement, attention to detail, and tech know-how. His skills and experience allowed him to take on our e-newsletter without missing a beat"

– Jeff Ghannam, Director of Strategic Communications, Society of American Foresters

i7 Marketing

"Mike Archer has consistently delivered quality writing projects on time. Even on projects with short timelines, he is courteous, accurate, and able to provide case studies and other documents by the appointed deadline. He is also a quick study on technical details associated with the topics about which he is writing, translating technically complicated jargon into easily-understood terms. Overall, his ability to interview subjects, then compose and edit writing projects has provided Wagner Meters with visibility through case studies which were published in national publications"

– Dave Sharpe, Content Team Leader, i7 Marketing, i7 Marketing