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Over the years, I have worked on a number of projects spanning copywriting, graphic design, website creation/optimization, and speeches. The following are some examples of my work. Just click on an image to see a document or website in detail.


Copywriting can take many forms, including white papers, case studies (success stories), and other examples of compelling writing that prompts the reader to take a specific action, whether to buy your product, sign your petition, or make a donation to your nonprofit. Well-crafted writing can help make your business successful by getting your message across to your intended customers.

Wildfire Research Network, a Southern California nonprofit that focuses on wildland firefighting in the US, was asked to speak at a Congressional Subcommittee Hearing in Pasadena that had been called by five US Congressmen to discuss the deadly Station Fire in 2010. This is the document which was entered into the Congressional Record on their behalf at that hearing. I helped them craft the words and created the graphs and charts that bring the words to life.

Wildfire Research Network Station Fire Testimony

Wildfire Research Network, a Southern California nonprofit that focuses on wildland firefighting in the US, made several highly technical presentations to various fire agencies in support of Los Angeles City Fire's high-tech Airborne Integrated GIS System, a revolutionary system which allowed fire commanders battling a wildfire to combine real-time video from a helicopter orbiting high overhead with Geographic Information System (GIS) data to better predict fire behavior. Using this system, they were able to forecast that a wildfire burning in western Los Angeles County would reach a residential subdivision much more quickly than commanders on the ground expected, allowing the appropriate assets to reposition themselves and stop the fire in its tracks.

Wildfire Research Network Airborne Integrated GIS System

Website Creation/Optimization

Website creation is something that allows me to combine both my copywriting and graphic skills, along with a knack for programming. Here are a few examples of fire-related websites I've created that provide nonprofits and fire businesses with the platform to reach their intended audience.

This first example is a very simple website put together in about two hours time for the Aerial Fire Response & Research Network, a nonprofit whose focus is aerial firefighting.

AFRRN Website

The second example is a more sophisticated website created for Wildfire Home Defense, a site that aims to educate people on how better to protect their homes from wildfires while providing them with the products to do just that.

Wildfire Home Defense Website


I've done a fair amount of speech writing, both for myself and for others. My training by Toastmasters International and experience as the Vice President of Public Relations for Los Angeles County Fire Department's 'Fired Up' Toastmasters Club helped me hone my speaking and speech-writing skills.

This is one example of a speech I gave at Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions Club meetings in Southern California. It captures the essence of how I weave technical jargon and abstract ideas into words which can be easily shared with an audience unfamiliar with the topic.

Archer Copywriting speech writing