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Copywriter Michael Archer

Hi, I'm Mike Archer. I've been researching and writing about wildfire since I began writing a novel in 1993. Since that time, I've penned a couple of fire-centric novels (Firebombers Incorporated and Firestorm), written magazine articles for Wildland Firefighter, Home & Fire Magazine, and columns for and on fire-related topics.

Sometimes I'm even the subject of news articles and have been quoted in stories dealing with wildfires by Associated Press, the New York Times, USA Today, and a few dozen others. I've also been interviewed by CNN, KABC-TV, and KKSF on the topic of wildfires.

My free daily newsletter, Wildfire News Of The Day, has also been mentioned by a number of news outlets and has received praise from fire professionals in the US and abroad. Subscribers include the United Nation's Global Fire Monitoring Center, the International Association of Wildland Fire, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and Australia's Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, to name a few.

In addition to writing about wildfire, I am a seasoned copywriter who has produced white papers, case studies, speeches, and PowerPoint Presentations for a variety of fire businesses and nonprofits. Website creation and optimization is something I've done as well for organizations like Wildfire Research Network, San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum, and the Aerial Fire Response & Research Network. More details on that topic can be found in my Portfolio, where you can also see some of the graphics I did in the form of illustrations, charts, and graphs. And Testimonials contains some comments from people in the business who liked what I created enough to pass along their thanks.